Matthew Fowler Reveals the Cost of Chasing his Job on “Been A Lover”

Matthew Fowler, a Florida-based singer/songwriter, is bit by bit releasing a time capsule of recollections. His impending album, The Grief We Gave Our Mother, carries self-defining times of the earlier that will give listeners a tinge of déjà vu. Each individual observe is superbly relatable and, once in a while, heartbreakingly common. This document is also forward-looking as Fowler acknowledges that there are continue to additional reminiscences to be manufactured. 

The 1st keep track of Fowler produced from this album, “I’m Nevertheless Attempting,” was introduced past month (June 16th) and the next observe, “Been A Lover” is exclusively debuting on American Songwriter underneath. 

“I wrote this song [‘Been A Lover’] immediately after staying up all night time emotion creatively pissed off,” Fowler described. “I attempted and attempted to create some thing I connected with, but could not determine it out. As the solar was actually coming up that early morning, I experienced myself a excellent cry and started off crafting. Soon after about 10 minutes, the webpage was full and the tune was there. I’ve normally viewed it as a bittersweet admission about loving the increased pursuit of songs as a life style although starting to have an understanding of the result it can have on personal interactions, advancement, and self-fulfillment. Or one thing.”

Photograph by Mike Dunn

“Been A Lover” sounds as truthful and fervent as the song’s origin story. Fowler sings with the energy of a frank lover accompanied by unintrusive acoustic guitar, trumpet, and percussion instrumentals. Collectively, the track hums along with a vibe related to that of balladeer Ben Howard.

“Production-sensible, Shane [Leonard], Pat [Keen], and Ben [Lester] completely killed the rhythmic and melodic additions,” Fowler explained. “The drum split portion at the bridge was at first some thing we tried previously in the tune, but I genuinely was not emotion it. Then came the magical moment of hearing it in the context of the bridge as a substitute of the intro, and loving it. Shane was excellent at getting me to open my ears to a lot more options, and I was grateful to have the freedom to toss out any off-kilter thought and be been given with openness.”

This monitor sits as the album’s second music among the but-to-be-launched “Marianne” and “Reprise.” Fowler mentioned that “[t]his music was often meant as a portion of a suite coming suitable after ‘Marianne’ and heading straight into ‘Reprise.’ They were being all created with that idea in mind— melding alongside one another and remaining a portion of a larger motion. The first act, of types.”

Pay attention to Matthew Fowler’s “Been A Lover” beneath and pre-conserve The Grief We Gave Our Mother below— out September 10th via Signature Appears Recordings.